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Thunder Shimmy

Gypsy Fusion Artistry consists of two performers melding their skill sets to provide audiences with a unique experience.  Our performances feature Flamenco and Egyptian-style belly dance accompanied by instrumental and pre-recorded music.  See the contact information below for bookings.

Join me Julia, creator of Thunder Shimmy in one of my many ongoing workshops being held at the Watertown Community Rec Center. Belly Dance is a representation of child birth, feminine expression and empowerment made by women, for women. These low impact fitness based classes focus on the fundamentals of rhythm, muscle control, and fluidity in the body. Reap all the benefits of a good cardio workout, while expanding the mind by educating yourself in a new art and culture. Suitable for all ages, no dance experience necessary. Come see what woman around the world havnt been able to get enough of for thousands of years!
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telephone: (605) 881-5974

telephone: (605) 881-5974

Radio Interview on KXLG, August 26, 2010
Prior to "Thursday Night Live"

Performing at:

Uptown Watertown Festival of Arts and Crafts
June 9, 2012


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"Arabian Nights"Wine Tasting at Past Times
Watertown, January 22nd, 2011

 The Artists:



  Julia was born and raised in the beautiful mountain valley of Taos New Mexico. Known for its large artist population, rich culture and vast high desert views, Taos was the perfect place to taste many different flavors of the arts. Obsessed with dance since childhood her dreams were further realized at age seventeen when she met Flamenco great Catalina Rio Fernandez. Traveling 300 miles round trip from Taos to Santa Fe several times a week for practice she soon began performing with Catalina’s troupe Flamenco Nuevo Mexico with whom she would dance for the next four years. During that time she also met International Egyptian dancer  Sakti Rinek, Julia had an immediate liking to Belly Dance and would train with Sakti when she wasn’t dancing with Catalina. In 2006 Julia relocated to South Dakota where she married and began studying Middle Eastern Dance full time. She furthered her studies with Cassandra Shore of the Jawaahir School of Belly Dance in Minneapolis, MN. Julia continues to perform as a solo artist in South Dakota, Minnesota, New Mexico and Iowa. She is driven by passion, fire, and a will made to dance. In 2010 she created Thunder Shimmy where she shares and teaches the many flavors of Belly Dance, hosts student participant performances, and shares the meaning and history of the dance with the community. She also is part of Gypsy Fusion Artistry with longtime musical partner Dave LeVasseur together they perform Spanish Flamenco and continue their studies at the Zorongo Flamenco Theater in Minneapolis. Julia is currently assisting in wring her own drum music with Tabla drummer Dallas Meseberg and launching off all new classes for her latest project La Luna Flamenco where alas she brings her first love to the Midwest with the fire of Spain and spice of New Mexico. She plans to continue her studies with the masters of Belly Dance and Flamenco as her heart is set on dancing both as a student, performer and teacher internationally.

“Dancing is a journey, the bridge that connects your mind and body, its what makes the world smile”


    Dave has been playing guitar since around the age of eight. Around age 12 his sister tired of not being able to play her own guitar and bought him his own. He still owns it. Dave played in various high school bands in the 70s but put ‘the music thing’ on hold for almost 20 years. Then the bug bit again and he started playing more publicly in the late 90s. In 2009 while playing at a Watertown, SD outdoor art festival, he met Julia, who was performing a flamenco dance. Just as she finished he asked if she could dance to “Malaguena”, one of his mom’s favorites. Although tired, Julia acquiesced and thus Gypsy Fusion Artistry was born.

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